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Oilfield Products

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Packer Product Line
  • Hydraulic Bit Disconnect Sub
  • Hydraulic Sliding Production Sleeve ( Production Bit Sub)
  • Hydraulic Disconnect Check Valve
  • In String Tubing Check Valve Sub
  • Notched Pump Out Check Valve
  • Float Valve Bit Sub
  • Aluminum Pump Out Plug
  • Machined Notched Collars
  • Machined Half Muleshoe Collars
  • “X”, “XN”,“R”, “F”, Landing Nipples
  • Seating Nipples
  • Tri Cone Drill Bits
  • Drill Pipe Float Valve
  • Swivel Subs
  • Tubing Landing Mandrels

Production Accessories

  • Blast Joints
  • Flow Couplings
  • Landing Nipples
  • API 5 CT EUE Pup Joints
  • API 5 CT EUE Pup Joint Sets
  • API 5 CT EUE Perforated Pup Joints
  • “Flow Tubes”
  • Connectors (Crossover Subs and Adapters)
  • Double Pin Subs
  • Wireline Re-Entry Guides
Oilfield equipment

Oilfield equipment

Oilfield equipment

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